Welcome to Sumintra LLC

The services Sumintra LLC provides help customers lessen their dependence on finite energy resources and move towards a more sustainable energy future. We are qualified and experienced in the design and installation of solar electric systems, solar water heating systems and on-demand water heating systems. These systems lower or eliminate your utility payments, increase the value of your home and lessen your environmental impact.

Consulting at SumintraA solar electric system for your home consists of photovoltaic modules that turn sunlight into electricity. These modules can be mounted on your roof or at ground level with a pole or ground mount. A solar water heating system is the most efficient use of the sun’s energy and it will provide the bulk of hot water for your domestic needs. Finally, your existing tank water heater can also be replaced by a new tankless on-demand water heater that offers you an unending supply of hot water right when you need it.

We don’t want our customers in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey region to miss out on the financial incentives that exist at both the federal and state level for investing in a renewable energy/energy efficient technology for their home so contact us to discuss the technologies you are interested in.