Solar Electricity at Sumintra LLC

Photovoltaic or solar electric systems convert sunlight into electricity and allow you to save money on your electric bill, increase the value of your home and reduce your harmful impact on the environment.

These systems consist of photovoltaic modules that can be placed either on your roof or pole mounted at ground level. The modules turn sunlight into DC electricity. The power then runs along wires to an inverter that changes the electricity from DC to AC so that the electricity can be fed into your main service panel. Along with the modules and the inverter there are some disconnect switches, breakers and meters that are installed for safety purposes.

Installing a Photovoltaic SystemIf you have a regular electric service we will tie your photovoltaic system with your existing electric service so that your system is grid tied allowing you to take advantage of net metering. Under net metering when your home is producing more electricity than you are consuming the excess electricity will be pushed out to the grid and you will be credited for the amount of electricity you sent out to the grid. When your home is using more electricity that it is producing you will first use up the credits you have accumulated and then you will be charged at the regular rate for any electric use after that.

Photovoltaic systems can also have battery backups, these make most sense in areas where you are not connected to the grid or if you live in area where the electric grid goes down frequently. When batteries are introduced into a system the power from the modules is first used to charge the batteries and then excess power is fed into your main service panel.

If you live in the Pennsylvania region you can take advantage of Pennsylvania's Sunshine Program administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, under this program you are eligible for a rebate up to 35% of the cost of installing your solar electric system. Click here for more information. Delaware residents interested in solar electricity can qualify for a 25% rebate given by the Delaware Green Energy Program. New Jersey residents will receive a $1.55 per watt rebate paid out by New Jersey's Renewable Energy Incentive Program. Apart from these state specific rebates there is also a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of your system. Please contact us so we can explain exactly how the tax credit works.

By producing electricity from a renewable resource you will be creating Alternative Energy Credits. These credits can be sold separately from the energy generated and they are typically traded in blocks of 1,000 kWh. You will receive a substantial annual income from the sale of these credits to a trader or directly to the utility. You can read more about Alternative Energy Credits at Pennsylvania AEPS Alternative Energy Credit Program.